the unholy fucking trinity

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"What did I do to them?"

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im just a simple blogger, i wake up at 4 am to tend to my meme crop, i dont want any trouble

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Hi everyone!!

This is my second follow forever, and the reason I decided to make another one is because I’m so close to reaching 400 followers, but I just couldn’t wait. So yeah, legit reason, right?

ANYWAYS, the grand nerds of tumblr history listed below are some supercool blogs and if…

[friends don't invite you to something]
cr1tikal voice: alright I'll go fuck myself then

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beardedjoel said: i’m trying so hard not to choke in the middle of class tHANKS

why would you choke, this is a beautiful short story about a life-long and proud memer dying, that’s sad

A memer for life, a short story.

I stare into the doctor’s eyes, scared. These are my very last minutes, he said. I take a deep breath. I gather enough force to speak. The doctors come closer to me, to hear me. “Shrek is love,” I say, “Shrek is life.” The doctors look at eachother confused, as I breath in and close my eyes. I feel his powerful ogre hands wrap around my body, taking me away. “It’s all ogre now,” he says. And it’s true.

I hear a faint “What the fuck” from a doctor and the next thing I know is that I’m in meme heaven.

"Jesus, man! I’m from Florida! Crazy shit just comes out my mouth sometimes. Sorry."

Title: Main Menu
Artist: Bioshock
Played: 453 times

The Bridge

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clemvevo said: is that what I think it is? is this a break up? no…no it’s can’t be ogre now!

I know… I feel the same… This just can’t be ogre! But we can’t meme together. We just don’t match…

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an event that happens on a full moon night once every four years

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okay Hazel grace

i hate you

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